What's New in iSymphony 3.5

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Queue Alerts

new permissions editor screenshot

Queues now support configurable alerts. Alerts sets can be configured in the admin panel then added to existing queues. See Queue Alarms for configuration details. The alerts feature customizable highlighting for the Queue Widget and notifications when a threshold is triggered. See Queue Widget page for more information.

Externalized Language Support

Administrators can now extract language files and provide their own language packs for internationalization. See Internationalization I18N for more details.

Performance, security and connectivity improvements

  • IMPROVED - queue handling of statistics and call events, greatly improving the performance and render times.
  • IMPROVED - memory management for systems under enough load to trigger max heap GC. Could previously result in a run away situation in some instances, should now release resources in a more graceful manner.
  • IMPROVED - My Stream history was being loaded, improving the performance for systems with a large number of historical records.
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