What's New in iSymphony 3.0

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meet the new isymphony

Meet the new iSymphony

Modern. Flexible. Simple.

iSymphony 3.0 is a complete new iSymphony. This release has been rewritten from the ground up moving towards the next generation of call management platforms. The redesigned look and feel bring a whole new user experience to iSymphony. It's modern flexible and simple, displaying the information you need so that you can get your work done faster.

look and feel

New iSymphony look and feel

iSymphony 3.0 introduces a modernized look and feel. This new user experience doesn't just look great, it also helps you get your work done faster. Information is easier to find and common tasks are simpler. The layout can be changed to fit your needs and display more information than in previous versions. Navigation is easier than ever with the new Action Bar which can even be accessed with Keyboard Shortcuts.

user system

New user based system and detailed views

iSymphony is now user based allowing showing a more accurate representation of what's happening on your phone system. See which extensions belong to each users, even mobile phones. Drag and drop to the user, or a specific extension.

visual voicemail

Improved Visual Voicemail

Voicemail is now playable within iSymphony. Simply click the voicemail you want to listen to and click the play icon. iSymphony will stream the voicemail through your computers speakers or headphones. Of course, you can still listen to the voicemail on your extension. You can still manage all of your voicemails via drag and drop or click the actions next to the voicemail.

multiple user widgets

Display multiple Users widgets simultaneously

The new architecture allows you to have multiple Users widgets display simultaneously with different filters. Display the Sales group and Support group all on the same screen without cluttering the screen with unneeded users. Filter by the group, search term or even user status.

Get started fast!

There's much more to the new iSymphony. We highly recommend you take advantage of the free trial license to become more productive with iSymphony 3.0! It's easy to get installed and configured. Visit the extensive Getting Started guide to walk you through the process.