What's New in iSymphony 3.3

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Desktop Client

Did you ever wish that you could run iSymphony as a standalone application on your desktop? Well, now you can. We are happy to introduce the new iSymphony Desktop Client. The Desktop Client provides the full functionality of iSymphony within a standalone application, while providing additional functionality like Application Based CRM Popups, and Global Hotkey Focusing. See Desktop Client Module Installation to get started.

new permissions editor screenshot

List View

List View is back!!! You can now display users, and their calls, in a table format within the Users Widget. See Users Widget for more information.

Shared Recordings

Administrators can now allow users to view recordings for other extensions, by adding additional extensions to the User Shared Recording Extensions in the User configuration page. See Users for more information.

Support Packages

In order to expedite support, we have automated the process of gathering information commonly requested by support technicians. Administrators can now create support packages from the Administration Interface or command line. These packages contain information about your installation that will assist our technicians when troubleshooting issues. See Reporting Issues for instructions on how to generate a support package.

Conference Room API

We have extended our new REST and Websocket APIs to include new queries, events, and actions for conference room management. See the iSymphony Developer Documentation for more information.