iSymphony Conductor Edition v3

iSymphony Conductor Edition v3

iSymphony Conductor Edition v3

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Lite Conductor
Price Free! Starting at $100
What counts as a user?
You'll need one user license for every user or extension you want to monitor within the panel.
5 20 and up
Queues - $50 each
New in iSymphony v3!
iSymphony now supports the ability to monitor and control multiple asterisk servers at the same time, in a very flexible configuration.
Manage Multiple Asterisk Servers Simultaneously
- Yes
Handling multi-tenancy is easy with iSymphony!
Multi-tenancy Support
- Yes
New in iSymphony v3!
iSymphony is now delivered via an in-browser interface. This means no more installing any client software to use the panel.
Web-based Interface
Yes Yes
Hotkeys Yes Yes
A native client for Windows, OS X and Linux are now available.
Desktop Client Available
Yes Yes
Realtime information about users, extensions, queues, agents, and calls in the system
Yes Yes
Allows third party applications to receive events, based on changes to the live state of users, extensions, queues, agents, and calls in the system.
Event WebSocket API
Yes Yes
User Management / Presence Lite Conductor
Fine-Grained Permission System - Yes
Multiple Extensions per User Yes Yes
Customizable User Statuses - Yes
Asterisk Presence Integration (Asterisk 11.7+) - Yes
Search and Sort Users Yes Yes
Extension Groups Yes Yes
Set and View Do-Not-Disturb Yes Yes
Email User Yes Yes
Set and Monitor External Phone Numbers Yes Yes
Queue & Agent Monitoring Lite Conductor
View/Manage Calls in Queue - Yes
View/Manage Agents (Login, Logout, Pause, Penalty, etc) - Yes
Real-time Queue Statistics - Yes
Conference Rooms Lite Conductor
Create Dynamic Conf Rooms - Yes
View Conf Room Talking Status - Yes
Transfer to Conf Rooms - Yes
Call into Conf Rooms - Yes
Mute Conf Room Calls - Yes
Kick Conf Room Calls - Yes
Call Control Lite Conductor
Create Calls Yes Yes
Transfer Calls Yes Yes
Hold Calls Yes Yes
Hangup Calls Yes Yes
Barge Calls (Unrestricted) Yes
Record Calls (Unrestricted) Yes
Park Calls Yes Yes
Display Calls Yes Yes
View Extension State Yes Yes
Call History Yes Yes
Voicemail Lite Conductor
Transfer to Voicemail Yes Yes
Call Voicemail Yes Yes
View/Listen to Voicemail Yes Yes
Organize Voicemails in Folders Yes Yes
Forward Voicemails Yes Yes
Delete Voicemails Yes Yes
Mark Voicemails as Read/Unread Yes Yes
Recordings Lite Conductor
Listen to Recordings Yes Yes
Start/Stop Recordings Yes Yes
Delete Recordings Yes Yes
Integrated Chat Lite Conductor
Chat with other iSymphony Users Yes Yes
View Typing Status Yes Yes
Notifications on New Messages Yes Yes
XMPP Chat Integration Lite Conductor
Integrate External XMPP Server Yes Yes
Notification System Lite Conductor
Incoming Calls Yes Yes
New Chat Messages Yes Yes
New Voicemails Yes Yes
CRM Integration Lite Conductor
Open Web-based CRM Records Yes Yes
Utilize Asterisk Dial-plan Variables Yes Yes
Open In-Panel or in New Window Yes Yes
Customizable Interface Lite Conductor
Configure Multiple Dashboards Yes Yes
View Multiple Widgets on each Dashboard Yes Yes
Reconfigure Dashboard Layout on the Fly Yes Yes